Wednesday, September 16, 2009


WHAT'S IN AND WHAT'S OUT 2009: Striped Socks

This says you are some gothic lolita harajiku gwen stefani betsey johnson pirate punk skater scene queen wannabe loser:

This does not:
Get them here.

Remember those "sister" dresses?

Ever been forced into a bridesmaid's frock? Famously ugly, these getups appear even more tacky when placed alongside two or three similar creations each sharing a basic format but made unique by way of small variations.

Lipsy's new satin color block tulip dress may be available in three different color schemes, but these jewel tones will make you want to embrace, not tear into shreds, any symbols of semi-individuality. Especially when your two girlfriends insist upon buying the dress in the other colors.

Buy the dress (or all three) here.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Stuart Weitzman

I couldn't find this shoe ANYWHERE on God's green Internet...
Perhaps it's just too new and September Vogue's press releases got the goods from a trunk show.

Anyhow, here from Stuart Weitzman's new collection is the gorgeous "Boho" for your viewing pleasure. I'm putting it up here not just to share this shoe with the world, but also in order to make it available on Polyvore. If you haven't had the Polyvore experience I suggest you check it out here.

The Hobo is an ankle boot in oxford style with a 6-inch heel and cute mini peep-toe. This one appears to be apholstered in linen and tweed.

Anyone with more information about this shoe should comment. Not that anyone reads this blog. Speaking of that, I haven't given up yet! We've only been around for two weeks.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

make like a pirate

Nautical-inspired fashion is back with a swashbuckling twist. Ahoy, mateys! Drop a few dubloons on these adorable striped drop heart earrings by Betsey Johnson. The inlaid skull-and-crossbones are sure to strike fear into the hearts of fashion-challenged landlubbers.

Buy them here.

"art" tees are nothing new, but these sure are cute

Check out the new Fall '09 collection by Gold Saturn. These adorable t-shirts come in a choice of two graphics: a girl in heart-shaped sunglasses or a man in suspenders and Trilby hat. Buy one or splurge on both and give the other to your BFF (or sweetheart, if he's a skinny hipster who can pull off girls' clothes).

Read more at Nylon.

it's finally cold outside.

Testing, testing,
One, two, three.